The Office of 金融援助 is responsible for administering all financial assistance programs, 包括文件和数据的收集, 资格的决心, 以及奖励分配. 该办公室授予机构, federal and state assistance to Juilliard students in the form of Juilliard 奖学金, 贷款和在校工作(勤工俭学). 除了, our other services include assistance in searching for outside 奖学金, 个人和团体预算和债务管理咨询.


mg游戏官网 is committed to educating talented performing artists and helping them achieve their highest potential. 为此目的, mg游戏平台希望所有被录取的学生都能就读这所学校, 不管他们的支付能力如何. mg游戏官网学院的招生政策是不考虑需求的, meaning that applying for financial aid will not hurt your chances of being admitted. In fact, approximately 85 percent of our students receive scholarship support through Juilliard.

一个完整的web表单列表, pdf文档, 宣传册, 和其他文件可以在MyJuilliard的财政援助空间找到. (访问MyJuilliard需要mg游戏官网的登录名和密码.)

For more information regarding financial aid programs, please download our booklet, 资助你的mg游戏官网教育:财务援助指南.


杜尔塞米. Capellan,高级财政援助顾问
马太福音的一天他是财务援助技术部副主任 & Data






(212) 799-5000,分机. 212


经济援助可能包括mg游戏官网 奖学金, 联邦和州补助金, 联邦学生和家长贷款和/或 联邦或mg游戏官网学院的勤工俭学. 请注意,只有少数例外, Juilliard scholarship awards are based on a combination of financial need and merit. 例外情况如下:

  • 艺术家文凭课程(任何专业)
  • mg游戏平台艺术博士(任何专业)
  • 历史性能程序
  • 科夫纳奖学金计划**

Applicants to all other programs 必须 complete all application items to be considered for scholarship support.

只寻求联邦学生援助的学生只需要提交FAFSA, 尽管提交后可能需要补充文件. mg游戏官网 does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, 宗教, 性别, 年龄, 性取向, 政治信仰, 国家的起源, 或残疾.

Juilliard reserves the right to adjust financial aid pack年龄s based on new information, 学生收到的额外资金, 政府法规的改变, 或者纠正错误.

**而科夫纳奖学金项目提供择优资助, only a small number of students will be selected; all applicants wishing to be considered for 奖学金 are strongly encour年龄d to apply through the financial aid process as described below.



申请经济援助和奖学金的截止日期是 3月1日. 申请人将可以通过他们的 应用门户. 对于大多数申请人,这将包括以下项目:

  • 美国联邦食品安全协会(FAFSA).S. 仅限公民和永久居民). 你可以在这里找到在线申请 http://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa. mg游戏官网的学校代码是002742.
  • CSS经济援助简介. 可以在 http://cssprofile.美国大学.org. mg游戏官网的学校代码是2340.
  • A signed copy of your and your parents' most recent tax return or income documentation.

研究生注意事项: We will waive the parent tax requirement only if you can prove that you were self‐supporting in the year prior to enrollment. 文件可能包括你最近的纳税申报单, 或奖学金证明文件, 贷款或赞助支持. Scholarship decisions are based on a combination of financial need and merit combined. The financial strength of your family is an important consideration whether or not they will provide direct support to you during your graduate studies.



所有继续学习的学生 必须 reapply for financial aid every year to receive Juilliard 奖学金, grants, and loans. 为此,提交以下项目 5月1日:


金融援助 Offer letters will be processed for students with complete files in mid-June. 学生将收到一封电子邮件,当优惠是可用的 节奏金融援助门户 在mess年龄s选项卡下. (需要mg游戏官网学院的登录名和密码.)如有要求,mg游戏平台可提供录取通知书的硬复本.

Please review your offer letter carefully and comply with any follow up items needed as soon as possible. Detailed information regarding financial aid programs and policies can be found in the brochure 资助你的mg游戏官网教育:财务援助指南.

Scholarship amounts generally stay the same for each year you are enrolled in your program of study, 虽然学费每年会上涨4-5%. 联邦援助可能会根据你的实际需求和年级水平而变化. If you have questions or concerns regarding your financial aid, please contact our office.



  • 检查所有必需的财政援助文件的收据
  • 按学年和学期查看经济援助通知书
  • 接受联邦学生贷款
  • Check account statements to ensure all aid has been credited (except 勤工助学)
  • 提供给父母或其他人查看财务数据的权限



Current or former Juilliard college students who apply to new programs are generally considered “new” applicants because you will need to reapply and reaudition. Your application and audition will be evaluated along with the other applicants to mg游戏官网, 你会在4月1日前收到录取通知.

Because your financial aid application will be considered along with the other applicants to the Juilliard School, 申请截止日期是 3月1日.


Graduate applicants are usually required to submit student and parent tax returns. 然而, we will waive that requirement for current Juilliard college students because we have prior year financial data on file. Please remember that you are always welcome to provide us with whatever additional information you feel would be helpful in demonstrating your financial need.

Keep in mind that your financial aid eligibility will change at the graduate level:

  • 联邦和州补助金, 比如佩尔, FSEOG, and TAP are for undergraduates only; you will no longer be eligible at the graduate level.
  • 研究生没有资格申请联邦补贴贷款.
  • Your parent can no longer apply for a Parent PLUS loan on your behalf; however, 你可能有资格以自己的名义申请研究生贷款.

最后,也是最重要的,关于你目前的mg游戏官网学院奖学金: the amount you may be receiving this year is for your current program of study only. 当你重新参加一个新项目的面试时, your scholarship decision is evaluated along with the other applicants that year, 和你的录取情况一样. Therefore any new scholarship offer may represent an increase or a decrease from prior years, depending on your financial need and merit compared to the rest of the admitted class, 以及资金的可用性.


加速BM /毫米虽然你必须申请并参加这个项目的面试, 如果被录取,你基本上被认为是一个继续学生. 你重新申请经济援助的截止日期是5月1日, and you can expect the same amount of scholarship as you are currently receiving through your graduation from the Master’s program.

During the fifth year of the program, you are considered a graduate student. FAFSA申报者将不再需要提供父数据或签名. Your eligibility for federal and state student aid will be the same as for other graduate students; you will no longer be eligible for federal or state grants.

历史表现中的MM或GD该项目为所有被录取的学生提供全额学费奖学金. 然而,你.S. citizens and permanent residents are welcome to complete a FAFSA to obtain federal student loans for additional educational fees and living expenses.

艺术家表演文凭该项目为所有被录取的学生提供全额学费奖学金. 然而,你.S. citizens and permanent residents are welcome to complete a FAFSA to obtain federal student loans for additional educational fees and living expenses.

爵士、剧本或弦乐四重奏艺术文凭: These programs do not charge tuition; no forms are required. 然而,你.S. citizens and permanent residents are welcome to complete a FAFSA to obtain federal student loans for additional educational fees and living expenses.

歌剧研究和所有DMA项目的艺术家文凭这些项目为所有被录取的学生提供全额学费奖学金, 以及生活费用津贴. Stipend amounts vary each year and will be announced during the prior spring. 不需要填写表格. 然而,你.S. citizens and permanent residents are welcome to complete a FAFSA to obtain federal student loans for additional educational and living expenses.

We encour年龄 all students considering a new program of study to contact us with any questions or concerns.