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  • Performance Opportunities

    Performing before a live audience is an essential part of the Juilliard experience. Whether you are an instrumentalist, 歌手, 或作曲家, you will have frequent opportunities to share your art with the public. Most performances take place in one of Juilliard's superb auditoriums, but you will also have occasion to appear elsewhere at 林肯中心, including David Geffen and Alice Tully halls, homes of the New York Philharmonic and the Chamber mg游戏平台 Society; at other venues in New York City, 比如卡内基mg游戏平台厅, where the Juilliard Orchestra performs annually, 蓝音符爵士俱乐部, where Jazz students enjoy regular gigs, and the Museum of Modern Art, where the New Juilliard Ensemble appears in the Summergarden series; or on national and international tours.

  • 课堂研究

    The mg游戏平台 Division’s main areas of classroom instruction—Ear Training, mg游戏平台 Theory and Analysis, mg游戏平台的历史, and Keyboard Studies—complement your private lessons and performance experiences to broaden your understanding of the foundations of music and to provide a context for the music literature you study and perform. Juilliard’s Center for Innovation in the Arts equips students with skills to compose and perform music using new technology, and offers hands-on experience with state of the art equipment.

  • 文科

    Whatever your discipline, your development as an artist will be deepened by a foundation in the liberal 艺术, which provides the humanistic, 道德, 社会, 至关重要的, and aesthetic background essential to personal development and professional excellence. All undergraduate degree students take classes in literature, 哲学, 历史, 社会科学, 艺术, and languages – studies that will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the complex world in which you live. Through your coursework in liberal 艺术, you will refine your skills in reading, 写作, 说话, 批判性思维, and learn to communicate with greater clarity and effectiveness.

  • 创业

    In the changing cultural landscape, performers must think more creatively about their careers than ever. While some pursue positions in traditional settings, others are exploring new ways to create opportunities that are both creatively satisfying and financially sustainable. 艾伦·D. Marks Center for 职业服务 and 创业 encourages leadership, 倡议, and entrepreneurial thinking, enabling young performing artists to develop a more expansive view of success in the 21st century. It teaches students the skills essential for success in today’s entrepreneurial environment, with workshops in public 说话 and business planning, panel discussions with industry leaders, and entrepreneurship residencies. It also facilitates more than 450 freelance performance opportunities for Juilliard students.